PrioritiesPriorities.  We all have them, but we don’t all realize what they are.  I’m often approached by people who claim to want to get healthy and fit, only to then say they can’t afford it.  That is a conflict of priorities, pure and simple.  Can’t really means “I choose not to make that a priority at this time.”  However, most people refuse to admit that and instead choose to believe that outside influences are forcing them not to be healthy and fit no matter how much they want it.

A large part of responsibility and integrity is being honest with yourself, and that means being honest about where your priorities lie.  Many times we get caught up in emotions, we get enthusiastic or fearful, and our priorities get out of whack causing us to make decisions we later regret, or worse, don’t live up to.  Clearly everyone would like to be able to stand by every decision they make and honor every commitment, but it doesn’t happen.  Why?  It’s because fear and a poverty mindset creeps into the decision making process and causes us to second guess ourselves.  “What if I don’t follow through?  What if it doesn’t work?  What if I can’t afford to pay my bills?  What if?”

These are honest legitimate concerns, but at the end of the day the larger issue you have to ask yourself is, what if your body breaks down in a year and you no longer have your health?  If that happens, none of the other concerns matter because you will be spending all your time paying medical bills and staying home because you are too sick to live life.  The vast majority of people don’t look that far down the road.  Instead they willingly ignore their health, choosing to prioritize other things above it.  They say it’s important, yet they give their money away for Starbucks coffee, movies, gadgets, etc…all the while convincing themselves that they simply “can’t afford” to get started on focusing on health and fitness.

What you have to realize is that when you’re truly fit and healthy, in the best shape of your life, the world opens up for you.  Suddenly nothing seems impossible.  You just took this huge journey of faith that has given you proven visible results, so now your belief system has grown immeasurably and you’re capable of achieving anything.  That means your other concerns now seem trivial and easily overcome, which causes them to BE easily overcome, because what you focus your thoughts on is generally what happens.

Thus, when you decide that you want to get fit and healthy, but you say you “can’t afford it”, be honest with yourself and realize that really means your priorities are not aligned with allowing health and fitness to be a part of your lifestyle, and that if you want that to change, you must first take a hard look at changing your priorities.