Protein Bars Compared: Part 3

So after much delay, here is the 3rd, and most likely final for now, protein bars compared! This group happens to include what is currently the healthiest overall bar, the Greens Plus bar (although plans are in the works for Beachbody to reduce the P90X bars’ sugar content by 10g, thus making it the healthiest bar on the market).

Brand Flavor Cost Size Cal Prot Fat Sugar Sodium
Greens+ PB Choc $2.89 2.08 oz 260 16g 12g 18g 35mg
Detour Runner Choc PB $1.69 1.76 oz 210 12g 7g 8g 130mg
PowerBar Vanilla Crisp $1.19 2.29 oz 240 8g 3.5g 26g 200mg
Bora Bora Hula Cacao Hazelnut $1.67 1.4 oz 200 3g 13g 11g 50mg
Perfect Foods Bar Carob Chip $2.68 2.7 oz 283 18g 15g 17g 75mg
Organic Food Bar Protein $2.69 2.65 oz 330 22g 13g 24g 5mg
Nu Go Organic Dark Choc Almond $1.99 1.76 oz 180 10g 5g 13g 60mg


  • Greens Plus Dense, fairly tasty.
  • Detour Tastes a bit like a butterfinger, but less sweet.
  • 61-0001¬†Sweet taffy consistency.
  • Bora Bora Tasty crispy with whole hazelnuts.
  • Perfect Foods Bar Tastes amazing, just like peanut butter cookie dough.
  • Organic Food Bar Interesting flavor, grainy, almond butter mixed with dates.
  • Nu Go Organic Slightly chewy crispies covered in dark chocolate.

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